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Лого Дамини

Damini LV club does not just create swimmers,

but builds personalities

About us

За нас

Swimming club "DAMINI-LV" has been operating since 2004 and has teams in all age groups.


The club has six coaches, three of whom have more than 20 years of experience - Hristina Yotova, Kristian Minkovski and Dobromir Petrov.


Since 2007, the club participates in various projects with the cooperation of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, such as "Learn to Swim" and "Sport for Children and Youngsters with Disabilities and Children at Risk".


Over the years, more than 2000 children have been trained and multiple state champions have been developed in all age groups.


Children who are unwilling to participate in the pure sporting activities of the club but just like swimming, are given basic knowledge and skills to practice swimming styles.


Irrefutably, the services that "DAMINI-LV" offers are high quality and rare in the country. This is due not only to the long experience of the coaches, but also to the traditions, culture and environment created over the years. The club does not just create swimmers but builds personalities.

Дамини ЛВ
Кои сме ние?

Who are we


Hristina Yotova

Chairman of the club, has created European, Balkan and National champions.

Works with teenagers and children with disabilities.

+359 88 691 7767


Kristian Minkovski

Master of Sports and participant in the 1992 Olympic Games.

Chief manager of the national swimming team at the Bulgarian swimming federation, specializes in high athletic mastery.


+359 88 853 8110


Dobromir Petrov

Former Multiple State and Balkan Champion for Adolescents and Men. Master of Sports and European Junior Champion 1992. Coach of multiple state champions in all age groups and national competitors.

More than 10 years of experience in swimming training and coaching for all levels and ages.


+359 88 836 5389


Teodora Tomova

World Water Rescue Champion, 1983 in Warsaw, Poland. Master of Sport of swimming and deserving water rescue sport master. Former director of the Bulgarian Red Cross and longtime member of the Water Rescue Commission to the International Water Rescue Federation.

+359 89 975 5239


Veselin Garbuzanov

Young specialist, working with children and adolescents


+359 89 975 5239

0724 copy.jpg

Master of sports, champion and record holder of Bulgaria. Participant in the Olympic Games, Barcelona 1992. Fourth of the European Veterans 2018 in Slovenia.
Captain and organizer of Damini's veteran team - Damini Masters.

+359 88 752 3623

Prof. Plamen Angelov - Secretary of Damini Masters

+359 89 762 3570


Ivan Ivanov

Long-time club competitor - medalist from national, international championships and marathons.

Office Manager

+359 88 608 6688

Dragomir Markov

Activities and services

For health​
  •  Initial Training for all ages

  • Perfection and correction of swimming skills for all ages

  • Free swimming

  • Swimming for adults and retirees

  • Prophylaxis of vertebral distortion for all ages

  • Rehabilitation after health problems - traumatic, surgical, etc.

Sport directionality
  •  Initial Training - up to 12 years

  • Primary sports training 7 to 11 years
    Inclusion in the club's representative teams for participation in state and international championships

  • High Sports Mastery
    Training process aimed at the national team of Bulgaria for participation in European, World and Olympic Games

  • Veteran Sport
    Training sessions organized accordingly to the different age groups

Дейности и услуги

PGTE "Henry Ford"

Haydut Sider Street 8, 1309 Ilinden, Sofia


97 SU "Bratya Miladinovi"

504th Street, 1359 Lyulin 5, Sofia

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